Thursday, September 01, 2011

Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic: Off-Season Report

I wanted to do this earlier in the summer, but for some reason, I had really flubbed up the footage. After learning some of the new camera and editing software, I am now ready to present the short video I made getting ready for the upcoming hockey season. I wanted to talk about the free-agents signing this summer. When I rushed through the content in my mind, I had forgotten to mention about the Winnipeg Jets returning and the Moose moving to St. Johns. Oh, well. Maybe there'll be another day.
I hope that you liked the video and comment on it either here or on the channel page. I've had quite the busy summer with my day job. I would truly like to keep up on this blog as I have been one of the first and longest running hockey bloggers in existence. See you soon!
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