Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Winnipeg Jets Reveal Jersey for 2011-12 season

Photo: Tumblr.com
I'm glad that the NHL's new Winnepeg Jets decided to hold a press conference and release the official look to the jerseys they are going to use during the upcoming season. I like them!

The jerseys are Reebok EDGE performance cut so, I know right away I'm never going to own one. But as far as the look itself, I think it's a very updated look for a team shedding an identity to a team that is looking for support from patriotic mid-western Canadian hockey fans.

The logo itself has taken on it's share of criticism. It's a sharply angled logo featuring a jet plane within a circled maple leaf. Could have some of the other teams in the league been the inspiration? The look is a classic one, trying to fit in as a Original 6 design. The light blue stripes makes the other navy blue stand out boldly while making the white part of the jersey pop as crisp as the ice surface.

Drawstrings are kind of growing on me now. I own a couple of jerseys that utilize that myself and here, it looks like it compliments the classic look they were going for.

I know some people were disappointed in it not looking anything like the Jets logos of the past. It was clearly designed with the intention of many fans going out and buying this one. Maybe they will use the Jets old jerseys in a throwback setting, but for now, I'll give this a properly themed Top Gun thumbs up salute.

The negative that I would only point out was having the press conference and releasing the image from the back of a Hercules loading dock. I can only imagine the kind of money and effort it took to make it all happen in dramatic fashion. Was a table and a few mics in front of a watermarked backdrop too pedestrian? If the team goes belly-up in 3 years, maybe it's because of shows like this.

[Via: Rogers Sportsnet]
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