Monday, January 23, 2012

Breaking News: Ovechkin Latest "Shanaban" Victim

Brendan Shanahan, NHL's Vice President of Hockey and Business Development and head disciplinarian, has released the video explaining the reasons why the League chose to suspend NHL superstar Alex Ovechkin after a vicious hit to the head on his Penguin opponent during yesterday's high-profile nationally broadcast NBC game.

Watch the video and decide for yourself to see if you agree with their conclusions as well as suitable punishment. Then check out what I have to say about the hit as well as the reputation that should stick to Alex Ovechkin.
This type of behavior has been seen from him before. I don't know why many people chose to turn a blind eye toward his goonish style of play. It's as if the goal scoring trophies and the #1 overall status can inoculate himself against criticisms of his dirty play. He continually gets called "greatest player in the game today", yet would one of those qualifications to make him as such to be a cheap shotting thug? If Alex is the standard in which all players are measured, then this would make Sean Avery a hall-of-famer.

I don't think that the suspension went far enough for someone who is a repeat offender and for the amount of money (in the form of game paychecks) can be easily remade with "Ov8"'s budding rap career. For a person who makes over 100 million dollars, the fine is just pocket change.

What do you think of this hit and weather or not it was appropriate. Won't you please leave a comment below?
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