Saturday, February 11, 2012

National Hockey Card Day

There's a special day set aside for everything, it seems nowadays. And today is something that I would certainly want to celebrate. When I was little, I collected Topps football cards. I remember getting my first pack (yes, with the chewing gum) in my Christmas stocking. It would later grow into a hobby and eventually expand into a crate of cards. It was an investment for me. This is where I first learned the player names and some statistics as well as what teams players were on.

There was even a time where I would go to the local flea market and pick out each individual cards to eventually collect the whole set. I still have yet to complete my 1993-94 Leaf Hockey deck, but it was something that I could spend my allowance on and learn from.

Hockey Card Unboxing- Broadcast your self LIVE

I've seen the hobby change and with that change, I've grown out of collecting sports cards. The foil stamping, the swatches of clothing, the additional thickness in card stock were what drove up the price of a pack. Gone are the days when I went into a Woolworths or K-mark and could get a pack of 15 cards for 75 cents. Now, a simple foil pack of cards contain 5-7 cards and reach excess of $1.75. The latest pack of Upper Deck cards that I purchased was $2.99 as seen in the un-boxing video above.

As I grew older, my hobbies and interests changed to more age-appropriate things (like beer). I stopped buying sports cards for a long time. But in the recent year, I've been scouring eBay for the perfect opportunity to ensnare a Sid Crosby rookie card. Just when I thought I was done, I am pulled back in with the chance to once again use my extra cash on a memento or two hoping that I might pass it down to my nephew or someone else interested in the hobby.

Canadian Freebees and Facebook National Hockey Card Day

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