Monday, February 13, 2012

Race Car Challenge of the Channels

The latest episode of the YouTube vlog channel is a response video I made to direct everyone over to a really cool event coming up Thursday February 16th. It's the Chase for the Checkered - Race for Pinks challenge that includes a worldwide collection of matchbox toy cars competing against one another. The last remaining car's owner then collects all of the cars plus the cash purse entry fees.
Here is a video of what I am going to enter into the race. I was only going to send in one car, but since the idea of this blog channel invading the other variety channel, here I thought I could continue with that storyline and one-up the alternate channel host with an entry of my own.

I'm really excited about this project. Perhaps this might start up more interest around the video blogging community and more and more participation.

I'll be sure to post any race results with any footage that I was allowed to show or keep to broadcast on my own channel. Keep watching here

Please leave me some positive words of encouragement or wish me luck as the Hockey Knight's car representative takes on the world!
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