Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hockey Green

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Instead of the usual feature of how many new products that I can find among the hockey community celebrating the green of St. Patrick's Day, I would rather talk a little bit about the an environmentally conscious group concerned with the waste of hockey sticks.  According to this website, 3.2 million composite sticks are made every season. Where do all the sticks find their impending doom of destiny? The landfill.

Hockey Green is the website that people can go to send broken or unwanted hockey sticks so that they aren't taking up space in landfills. Good idea? I'd like to think so. And in an effort to be environmentally friendly, players can request collection bags through the mail to ship out their sticks and in return send a small compensation reward. If they can't, they'll surely pass along the trash to someone else who could work with it.

I've seen plenty of handymen do their best to recycle sticks by reusing them in furniture fixtures, benches, or even in home improvement projects. That's probably my preferred re-use of a decommissioned hockey stick. Why even consider tossing it out? Another good re-use is finding autographs of players. I've seen my favorite bar nail up a Colby Armstrong stick to their wall ledge. Now it's almost worth something.

As long as HockeyGreen does not get caught up on all of the environmentalist extremist politics, the COHF blog recommends this website to round out a socially conscious hockey player or fan.

[Via: Hockey Green]
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