Friday, July 20, 2012

Hockey Bloggers Mourn One of Our Own

When senseless tragedy happens, people find ways to rationalize the irrational. So, no less than 10 hours later do we all go to the computer to check the news and read about the 12 people, dozens more wounded, who were murdered in a crowded theater. One life taken that quickly is tragedy enough, but the many people who's lives will never be the same is just immeasurable.

In the hockey blogisphere, we lost one of our own with this tragedy. Jessica Redfield was a hockey blogger and journalist who was covering the Colorado Avalanche with previous interning at the AHL's San Antonio Rampage. I was a little aware of her work, but never really got to work with her or know her directly. But as soon as the blogisphere started talking about her, the more I wished I got a chance to work with her.

So, I sent out a tweet in tribute that reads as follows
From one hockey blogger to another R.I.P @JessicaRedfield
Like I said before, just one life lost is tragic, but all the lives taken that day is just as horrific. Now, poor Jessica has become the face of this tragedy. We all must cope with the loss.
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