Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Iconic Female players will join NHL 13

When I've always claimed that Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic is a blog of unparalleled pioneering, I was not kidding. Since investing in the EA Sports series of video games, I have steered the games persuasively through my critiques published here. As the game is soon to arrive on the retail shelves, two new players were given the opportunity to break the news on twitter about being specially included in NHL 13.
Source: Twitter
EA Sports-Canada, can claim all they want that a little girl was their inspiration last year for finally adding the female gender option for the create a player in NHL 12. In staunchly written truth, it was THIS BLOG (as early as 2009) along with several other published critiques in other appropriate websites.

I continue to advocate for many more subtle changes to the game. I believe that EA Sports does listen to all their feedback while trying to produce the biggest and best game year after year. I believe that NHL 13 will be no different.

But as for the new Legends package as included in the NHL 13 game, I would have to say that it's a fresh new take on the game. They've begun to capture the imaginations of a whole new demographic of hockey fans.

Angela Ruggerio is widely known as being as one of the top familiar faces in womens hockey. Thanks to her appearance on reality tv, her advocacy on the US Olympic committee, and ever presence on social media (see screen capture), she is definitely a popular hockey player among the fans. She's won numerous IIHF and Olympics medals, but also has one game to her credit while suiting up for the Tulsa Oilers along side her brother goaltender.

Haley Wickenheiser is no stranger to play amongst the boys as well. Though she wasn't the first female credited to break the gender barrier, she's the first female to register a point for Kirkkonummen Salamat of the Finnish Elite League. But she is also known as a pioneering spirit on the perpetually-winning Team Canada.

I am looking forward to having both ladies in NHL action real soon!
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