Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic: Off-Season Report 2

Because I needed some more fresh content for the website, here I am doing another Youtube vlog out in Jefferson Hills, PA. It took me a while to find the new rink the first time out as I attempted to remember the directions. I realized that I had gone too far when I had crossed over the bridge into Elizabeth Forward, PA townships.

The second trip out there was yesterday as I as it was a little bit further out into the usual trips to the area I knew when I was a child. It's past the busy business district of Pleasant Hills and just beyond the shadows of Century III mall. Despite my GPS telling me a more direct route, I drove out to Rt. 51 my own routine way. Little did I know that my GPS got me back for ignoring it's prompts by directing me through Funeral Home parking lot.

When I got there, I was disappointed to see that the gate was locked. Could I have done a similar video standing outside the gate or just wait for another day to go out there again? I was just about to give up and turn around to go home when a bearded gentleman stared quizzically at me through his truck window. I explained to him where I was from and made my intentions clear. He agreed to show me in through the padlocked gate and I set up my camera. I was told that I only had a few minutes while the other kids were arriving for practice. I'm sorry this is short, but hey.. it's still a video.
If you want to check out the new dek rink, you can call them up or check them out at their websites.
    1. South Hills Dek Hockey Official Page
      South Hills Dek Hockey Facebook page
  • If you're in the Pittsburgh area, please let me know if you want to get a sponsored team together or play a few games in the fall.

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