Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Think Pink! Cancer Awareness Month 2012

COHF Cancer Awareness logo
You may have already noticed the changes that have been made here for the month of October. For every day in this month, the Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic blog will be joining in the fight against ALL cancer related diseases. So, I made a quick little video PSA just letting you know that we need more money for research and also more money for hospitalization care.

Hockey fans have been supportive of this rally month in many different ways. NHL's Hockey Fights Cancer campaign produced a lot of great memorabilia which generates profit towards the philanthropic endeavors. I've often wanted to buy a pink tie, but didn't have the kind of money they are offering back then. With a little money I have saved up, I have given to other various charities.

Note: Please forgive the UV florescent tint to the video.

Credit: Unknown
I also wanted to mention that there is a grassroots rally for Hockey Fans Fight Cancer being talked about on many hockey blogs and Facebook pages. However, I don't really want to mention that a lot of blogs have attached the cool looking logo (see right) to a recently disgraced professional bicyclist who's organizational efforts, though intended well, to I have decided to not support because of the controversy surrounding the named sponsor.

You know of course, I have been also watching for stories about plenty of efforts to raise money with hockey. I've spun-off this blog 5 years ago during an internet cultural event called Blogathon. The website is now defunct, but my blog continues to live on as Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic Blogathon Edition. Just Click on the link there and keep tabs on all the hockey related charities that I'm finding around the internet.

So, that's my PSA video for the month. Thank you in advance to all my readers who chose to do something positive
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