Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Tradition Continues

It's always great to share and indulge in your interests on special holidays. I am thankful that I still have people that continue to keep up on my blog through facebook and twitter.

Many years ago, I started the tradition of posting up the logos for the The Pond Ice Arena in Newark, Delaware. They always debut a new cool looking logo to match up with their traditional hockey tournament played every year during United States thanksgiving. Being an enthusiast for logos designs and other related artwork, I've featured their work here on this page.
Courtesy: The Pond Ice Arena
This year the Pond's thanksgiving logo has a real throwback style to it by using a lot of tan and kachi brown colors. You don't really see much of the actual turkey bird in this logo, but it is still a fixture feature. It looks like they put a lot of thought and hard work into this one.

You can check out the past history of the Ice arena's logos as I have posted a few back in 2007.

For all those participating in hockey this weekend, Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic would like to wish you good luck!

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