Monday, December 17, 2012

Project for Awesome 2012 - Jessica Redfield Foundation

We've reached the time of year where a lot of us in the community of professional journalists and video bloggers attempt to give attention to the many non-profit causes out in the world. So, the vlogbrothers have a really fantastic website for a yearly event called Project for Awesome. Please go there right now and vote up my video that you will see there on the screen.
My video this year hopefully does justice to the hockey blogging community by calling attention once again to the Jessica Redfield Foundation. It's a scholarship fund for women who want to get into the journalism business.

I wrote about the tragedy that happened earlier this summer that claimed the life of a truly promising young ladies in the hockey blogging world. Bloggers Mourn One of Our Own.
There are more vloggers on the P4A website right now and I see at least one more hockey fan. Please go check them out.

I also have a charities blog that I sometimes try to keep up to date. You can find stories of events like this that cause people to try to do something good with their time and money.
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