Saturday, September 05, 2015

Game of the Week - Pittsburgh Penguins vs Chicago BlackHawks

This week's game was a request made to us by one of our fans over on the Facebook fan page. Remember, you too can make requests to see the match-up of the week on that page too or through the comments section.

"Pittsburgh Penguins vs the defending Stanley Cup champions"

So, here it is!!!

I chose the NHL Stadium Series jerseys for this one believing that I hadn't used the Penguins jersey they only used once for the stadium series. Considering what a disaster that game was for the Penguins, I could certainly see why no one would want to remember that game.
So, how did I do? Is there anything I can do better with it? Is there any ideas for new broadcasts as Game of the Week? Please, leave it on the comments section below or on the Facebook fan page.

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