Friday, September 11, 2015

Game of the Week - Washington Capitals vs New York Rangers

In this week's episode, we are solemnly remembering the tragedy that occurred on 9/11/01. So, I chose the teams from both cities that were affected the most. I had blogged about the tragedy once it happened that the news revealed the NHL hockey community had lost two of their own

New York and Washington D.C. might be a growing rivalry as both teams had given their all in a 7 game series in the 2014 playoffs a few seasons ago. Ovechkin needed to move on to the next round very badly and the NY Rangers desperately needed to prove that their change in roster and coach could be more fruitful.
Thanks for watching the final broadcast of the game of the week series in NHL 15. I know it was a short season, but NHL 16 is going to continue to be the upgrade in what the series needs. Let me know in the comments section how I did with the broadcast!
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