Monday, July 18, 2016

Amanda Kessel Drinks From Stanley Cup - And We're Okay With It.

Credit: The Score
It's an unwritten rule of honor (or "code") that only those NHL players who actually WIN the Stanley Cup may lift it over their heads or drink beverages from it. I was previously made aware of the "rule" when the Stanley Cup had made it's way through my local area in 2009. But Amanda Kessel's time with the Stanley Cup accompanied her brother Phil, also included a sip from the hallowed trophy even though she didn't play for the Penguins.

I'm curious as to find out just how scandalous this really is around the hockey community. She is a star player for the USA women's national team and a great player in her own right, but does she get to do what only elite players who earn the Cup do?

I think it's the simple reason that she's already a professional player in the NWHL's New York team that isn't designated to play for the Cup championship. Since it's not the same as a male NHL equivalent, Amanda here has been given the pass from criticism. But does this mean I'm allowed to do this because I, too, will never get to know what it's like to play for the Stanley Cup? Do heads-of-State get to lift the Cup over their heads in salute to the team's success?

I suppose it's of little matter regarding scandal when the Cup has been in Mario's pool twice.

Where do you stand on this issue? Does Amanda get a pass because she's allowed to celebrate with her brother? Or should she have stayed away from the Cup leaving only those who have earned the drink as a special privilege?
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