Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Game of the Week - Hershey Bears vs Manitoba Moose

Things are starting to really trend southwards for HockeyKnight vs the PS4's CPU. Eventually, I will get a win over it - but I need to learn some better defensive tactics. As you can tell in this series, I'm constantly getting scored on. Maybe NHL 17 will be better for me. But as the series comes to a close with the NHL 16 game, I wanted to choose two teams that I haven't used yet online.

The Hershey Bears are a dominant AHL team always in the hunt for the Calder Trophy. I was supposed to go out there maybe once this past season, but it didn't work out. The Manitoba Moose are back into the AHL once again with a new affiliate in the Winnipeg Jets. Not sure if I really like the color redesign to match the Jets colors, but at least they're still around. They have a really fun mascot.
Should I just give up on this series against the CPU? Let me know in the comments section below. But if there is a team that you want to see featured in the Game of the Week - leave that in the comments section below!
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