Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Game of the Week - USA Hockey vs. Hockey Canada + Bonus Shootout

As the old hockey season finally comes to a close, so too Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic turns the page on NHL 16 as the featured game simulator. I can't wait for NHL 17 to come out and have yet another Midnight Release Party of NHL 17 via Twitch.tv and later uploaded to Youtube.

I wanted to feature Canada and USA in this last Game of the Week. I think it's an interesting story developing within each hockey national program whereas the next core group of NHL caliber superstars are all coming together in the World Cup. Does McDavid outshine and reach the Cup before USA prospects Eichel and Matthews? Has the USA program surpassed the Canadian rival in dominance?

I chose to be the Americans in this simulation against the CPU Canadians tweaked roster. We'll see here as Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic simulates USA vs Canada in the Game of the Week - international style!
But as an added bonus, here is a shorter video of the Shootout match-up between USA and Canada.
Be sure to check out my Midnight Party Release of NHL 17 on the morning of Sept. 13th seen right here on Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic!

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