Sunday, May 04, 2003

Trish Stratus' Perfect Man & Personal Thanks

Hmmm... In a online interview given by some newspaper in England, m'girl Trish Stratus lists her "perfect man"
"The main thing I look for in a man is personality. I always say, and I know it sounds funny, is that I'd like a male Trish Stratus someone who's quirky, with a good sense of humour and into jokes. I like sports, to watch movies and just to chill out, so if they like that then they could be my man."
Sounds like me to a "t"!

Oh.. here comes another mention that I need to get out of the way..

Thanks to Hootress, Jay Currie, and the Elephant Rants by linking my website on theirs. Thanks guys, I appretiate that!

wait.. what does this have to do with hockey??? *imitating cackle like Barry Melrose*
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