Saturday, October 11, 2003

Hang in there Pup-pup.

Just as the new hockey season is upon us, many teams start out fresh with a new outlook to the season. This season is going to be different for me and for my family as it will be the first hockey season without my maternal grandfather, Stephen M.

As I am consoling my family with the loss, my thoughts and memories of the good hockey fan my grandfather was over the years. We talked about the Penguins a lot. I remember him in his final years positioned on his favorite recliner rooting for the hometown franchise.

The classic hockey rivalry starts again in the NHL as the Pittsburgh Penguins play the Philadelphia Flyers. I could think of no other way to salute my grandfather by sitting back, cracking open an "Iiirrn" (Iron City Beer to you non-Pittsburghers), and watching the hockey game. [Flyers and Pens tied 2-2]

Stephen M. 1918-2003
"Hang in there, pup-pup. We still need you!"