Saturday, September 25, 2004

Video Games out on time despite lockout senario

As I was in a BestBuy store recently and while browsing around, I found the "new releases" section for Playstation 2. Instantly, my eyes were transfixed on the latest incarnation for hockey on the video game consoles.

NHL 2K5 features Martin St. Louis of the Tampa Bay Lightning. I'm sure my friend John from Boltsmag will be pleased. In addition to the worldwide release edition, Canadian fans have their own edition as a separate game with "extra Canadian content". This quickly growing line of hockey games feature the ESPN branding by updating you with other scores between periods. It is also available in both versions for X-box.

.... and yes, NHL 2K5 has ICE GIRLS! (a nightmare to a certain evil Canadian Hockey Pundit blog.) Since I have not played the game yet, I am not really sure to what extent the ice girls appear in the game. My bet is that they are in the opening movie or digitally interpreted between periods helping clean the ice.

My favorite line of hockey games is the EA Sports edition. They feature Marcus Naslund as the cover boy (watch out though, it's becoming a curse) and they also have added a revamped International hockey section. You can take your favorite country all the way through the World Cup 2004 competition. EA Sports NHL 2005 is in stores now and available for sale on internet web sites like It is available in X-box and PC versions as well.
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