Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Toronto Unveils New AHL Franchise

The Maple Leafs franchise has decided to go with a new name for their AHL minor league development team. They will be the relocated St. John's Maple Leafs. Since making the decision to move the franchise from the Meritimes, they wanted to make a new home for someone to play in the Ricoh Coliseum.
A nickname for Marlborough, the Marlies were originally named in honour of England's Duke of Marlborough. In 1927, Conn Smythe purchased the Marlies as a farm team for the Leafs. Throughout the team's history, 98 Marlies players have become Leafs including Ron Ellis and Hall of Famers Red Horner and George Armstrong.
This has got to be the stupidest name decision in the history of modern athletics. When somebody says the name, Marlborough, what do you think of? YES! It's a ciggarette! Are they going to get Don Johnson* to be the mascot? Artistically, the new logo isn't all that bad. It will show a sense of roalty and proper team crest in a new image.

* Don Johnson once portrayed the Marlboro man in a 1991 film
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