Wednesday, April 20, 2005

End the Hate - Spread the Love!

There is entirely too much hate going on in the world. So, therefore, I see a trend among internet bloggers with posts such as this and this. I guess that the whole idea among topic starters like this, may be intended to produce a cathartic experience where topics are attacked with words rather than with guns. Interesting concept, but overall I think it's entirely stupid! Why share the things that you hate? Why not just combat evil or injustice in our lives with positive thinking? I've been inspired by my non-conformist nature to start a "things I love" [about hockey] list! (Even though this list is numbered, I didn't really put much thought into the order.)

    Things that I Love

  • 10. International Competition - I guess there is just something about the idea that hockey is not just a North American sport, but it has taken hold all over the world. What I find most intriguing is that not only is it a hockey game, but it features the best players around the world in competition. It's like the Olympics, but you don't have to wait another 4 years to see it again. A lot of hockey fans like to infuse their city's bragging rights into any rivalry, it is increased
  • 9. Hockey Logos- Hockey is one of the few sports that wears their identity boldly on the front of their jersey. The other 3 major sports doesn't do that. The other sports logos are small and located up around the head usually. With hockey, you can see it as a crest going into battle.
  • 8. The Stanley Cup- The oldest trophy in all of sports. It has a lot of history tied to that one trophy. All the other trophies are mass produced. The Stanley Cup has a certain majesty to it being uniquely tattooed with all of the players names from past to present. The Cup has been paraded around the world many times over and is one of the most recognized too.
  • 7. Women's Hockey- I guess I'm in the minority, but I don't really care anymore. It's like I'm in an exclusive club. Of course, it stems from the gals that gave me my first opportunity to work in hockey. Speaking of opportunities, hockey is also the first sport to give women a chance to compete professionally. The best reason I could use to justify my tastes is that I prefer women. Period. In doing so, I like it when a lady is able to share the same interests with me.
  • 6. Canada and Canadians- Okay, it's only limited to some of it's better citizenry. I am truly grateful that I've gotten to meet and talk with some of my readers that reside "up north". It is those people that I am really grateful that they make me feel I am accepted among a lot of the established media and hockey critics. I guess you can say that since becoming such a big hockey fan, I have then read up on and tried to immerse myself to learn all I can about Canadian culture.
  • 5. 1980 Lake Placid "Miracle"- It's been talked about as the greatest victory in all of sports history. It's inspirational story is underlined with anyone who was told they couldn't succeed. It's looked back on with romanticism now and rightly so. If you don't see anything personally inspirational, you have to look at it from a historian's perspective. It was a "cold war" matchup (no pun intended) that was fought, but no lives were lost. USA and Communist Russia could have been in mortal combat, but they showed the world something bigger.
  • 4. The Trading Deadline- What has come to be known in recent years, the time where the playoff teams pad their rosters. It's a really exciting time providing fans with a lot of "what if" senarios. Trades are made so easily in hockey that it hasn't even devalued the excitement of the news. From one blockbuster trade, it could make or break the team chemistry or vault them into champions.
  • 3. Hockey Video Games- Of course this has come in handy when the real thing doesn't want to actually play. Yes, this is how I satisfy some of my need for hockey.
  • 2. John Buccigross, Barry Melrose and NHL 2night- I've missed this crew of analysts because they best presented the game the way it is. Fun! John wrote a weekly column on and his writing skills are tremendous! He always wrote me back when I had a question emailed to him. Though Barry's opinions may seem inconsistent to his critics, I think he's always sincere and tells it like it is. Both of them have the class and style that is absent of the entire ESPN network.
  • 1. Don Cherry- 'nuff said. What's not to like about this guy? The plaid jackets? The hockey fights videos? He has forgotten more about hockey than you will ever know! Coach Cherry's opinions may be controversial, but I love the way he stood up for the Americans and stood his ground from the CBC flack. You can't say that he doesn't believe in what he's saying. That's why he scares his critics so much. He is also very philanthropic with his the Rose Cherry's Home for Kids.

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