Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Replacement Players Not a Good Idea

A lot of pundits and so-called experts of the National Hockey League have gotten their wish after a big announcement made by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.
"If we do not have a new collective bargaining agreement, we will not open the season on time," Bettman said. "If that is an eventuality at that juncture, we will have to start again on what options we will pursue."

The likelihood of replacement players taking the ice has diminished greatly since the last board meeting on March 1.
At first, it looked as if the tail was wagging the dog when it came to the negotiations from the owners/league side. A lot of ideas that were coming out were being insisted upon by some of the smaller franchises in the league. Think of it,... some teams (Carolina, Edmonton, Pittsburgh etc.) using replacement players would be an incredible step up in quality!

Instead, the "wiser" teams all got their collective head out of their butts and realized, "Hey, we shouldn't have to take on scabs when the players under contracts are some of the best in the world!" Toronto, Detroit, and Colorado (according to sources) have decided to alter their collective bargaining strategy by removing the threat of using replacement players

Sit down, Keanu Reeves, it looks like they're not ready for you yet!

[via: Yahoo! Sports]
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