Saturday, December 03, 2005

I Heart Number 18

Is there really a male version of a "puckbunny"? I've been thinking about this the past day or two as I searched around for hockey pictures on the internet. Since it's a bit too early to talk about the national teams heading in to Torino, Italy for 2006 Olympics, I am going to tell you about my newest favorite player.

She's Kathleen Kauth, a 5'8" forward for the Women's USA Team, native of Saratoga Springs, NY. I've seen a few short clips of her online where she's constantly driving to the net for the rebound and in national tournaments passed, buried it home on the best women Canada had to offer. Kauth has not only had success on international play, she's fought off the pioneering stages of the NWHL suiting up for the Brampton Thunder. She's got 19 points (10-9) in 19 games of one regular season, and 9 points (5-4) in 7 games with two seasons of playoffs experience in her career.

She's also known leadership sporting the captain's "C" while playing for Brown University in the ECAC. She's 12th all time in scoring at the school totaling 108 career points (52-56).

With all the skills that she possesses, there's just one more thing about her that I should mention. I find her attractive. I'm secure enough to admit that. I checked around with other fans of team USA and the more popular names on the team have been Krissy Wendell, Julie Chu, and Angela Ruggiero. She's really got a nice smile and pretty eyes. The short hair style was really cool.

I ran this idea by a few trusted female friends. Can a sporting society allow a guy have a crush on a female athlete? Notwithstanding, I guess it's a stereotype that men only have interests in her figure. It's a long stride to make from the Brandi Chastain's of the world. It also brings up a larger issue about how the woman feels about the guy's intentions. How would the athlete know that he genuinely admirers her for her talent and personality? Are cat calls and wolf whistles disheartening to women athletes? But if the day comes by where there is a greater interest in women's sports because of men's interests crossing over, we'll all have fans like Kathleen's to thank.

I'm one of them.
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