Monday, August 21, 2006

McGrattan: Goons Need Love Too

While the dog days of summer elongate the slow pace of hockey news, the recent article posted on The Hockey News website has an interesting story profiling enforcer Brian McGrattan and how he approaches a time honored and much maligned job description.
"I fight for my team, not for myself," said this season'’s NHL leader in fighting majors with 19. "I do it to spark emotion, to get the team going if we come out flat or get down a couple of goals."
Opponents of fighting in hockey turn their noses up to snarl at his closing comments to the article.
McGrattan believes hockey'’s Rockys still belong in the new NHL.
But McGrattan is a heavyweight that can back up his words. He credited the infamous Dennis Bonvie as who taught him the ropes. McGrattan then explains just how to be a good hockey fighter.
"The biggest thing is being patient," McGrattan said. "Don't throw too many punches because you'll tire yourself out. I like to grab their jersey with my left hand and start off with some left jabs. This is more of an annoyance than a knockout punch. Then I try to land a right or an uppercut."
I believe that hockey will never be completely rid of the violence and fighting, because it is too steeped in the honor of tradition. Fighting allows the players to adhere to a code that no other sports have shown lately.

[Via: The Hockey News]
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