Sunday, April 01, 2007

NHL on NBC - Special Guest

You may see a familiar face tonight on the TV screen as the LA Kings visit silicon valley and the Shark Tank. Yes, all the rumors are true. I will be a special guest of the NBC broadcast to deliver some wit and superior knowledge during the intermissions. I will expect to be grilled as more of the veteran broadcasters will no doubt treat me like a rookie.

I will also get to comment on how the post-season will shape up and look towards possible match ups later on. I will need all the support of you, my readers, and NHL fans to watch the series of games on NBC.

(But if you have read this and seem to have forgotten that today is April Fools Day... well then... the joke is on you.)

Someday, my broadcasting talents will land me on TV or radio full time to talk about the game I love. But not today. Should someone from NBC Sports actually be reading this, then let me know where I can send my resume!
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