Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hockey Fanatic Awards

The NHL Awards are tonight and based on last years results they will most likely get things wrong. I am proposing an alternative to those honors and showing you my selections for the individual and team performance Awards this year. I have given my reasons for those selections. Yea, I invented a few new categories. I just thought it would be fun.

Most Valuable Rookie: Jordan Staal

He scores a hat trick as the youngest player in his team's history to do so. Plus, he is a true rookie, playing in his first year of professional status.

Most Valuable Player
: Sid Crosby

This guy just makes a team better. He makes the players around him better. And it is not hard to pick against the player who scored the most points.

Most Valuable Coach: Michel Therrien

He has never missed a post season during a full year behind the bench. He got an under-experienced team to win and made hockey history to rank them 3rd on the best turn around winning percentage.

Most Valuable Defenseman: Scott Niedermayer

He captained his team through the playoffs and got So Cal to Hockey's promised land. He has the leadership and experience to just make anything into a winner. He also gets the Most Valuable Playoff Beard.

Most Valuable Goalie: Roberto Luongo

Despite the other nominated competition, Luongo was back at his best like his early years in Florida. If only he can get a good team in front of him.

Most Valuable NHL slovak player (AKA the Golbez Trophy): Pavol Demitra

He helps his other countrymen feel comfortable and helps them focus on the ice.

Most Valuable Teammate Tandem: Dan Briere and Chris Drury

These high-scoring forwards were dominant all year and became a compelling storyline presented on both American and Canadian TV broadcasts. Who knows if they will stay together next year, but they were fun to watch this season.

Most Valuable General Manager: Garth Snow.

"Hey, I'll hook you up, buddy!" must have been a part of the call to DiPietro once Snow had the power. Snow, with all of his owners money, would be a great lure to Long Island by being fresh off the ice into retirement. Snow has the connections and will most likely take care of all his friends.

Most Valuable Ice Girls: The Storm Squad - Carolina Hurricanes

This was a very hard choice, but after giving it a lot of thought, I decided to go with the girls in the Triangle because Gene the Dancing Machine is the tiebreaker. Kudos to the runners up in Nashville and Atlanta (Goal Girls and Blue Crew, respectively)

Most Valuable Fanbase: Pittsburgh Penguins

They fought like hell to keep their team and they won.

A spit in the face of someone who does not want to be cool Award(a.k.a. The Cabana Trophy: Sean Avery

This f---r just does not want to be cool. Cool like Carlito. He played all year as an agitator and as someone you would most likely want to spit an apple into his face.

Most Valuable Canadian Carpetbagger: Jim Ballsille

Presented in the media as "Mr. Deep pockets" this league needs, Ballsille uses the media to hock his RIM products and attempts to uproots American sports teams showing no consideration to the already existing fan base.
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