Monday, June 18, 2007

Julien Lands as Boston Coach

Claude Julien, the recent coach of the New Jersey Devils fresh off of his disrespecting dismissal, has been named as the new coach of the Boston Bruins.

I took a look around the blogisphere and had a good chuckle who leaped at the rumors that Mike Milbury was close and may get the job. Elsewhere, I had a great laugh that the only suggestion to come from the talking heads at the FAN590 was Pat Quinn to get the job in Beantown.

I think Julien was a victim of franchises that have always had higher expectations than their abilities. In Montreal, Julien didn't produce a winner even when dealt a depleted roster. In New Jersey, Lamoriello felt Julien just didn't have what it took to get the Devils through the post-season. So, in Boston, my advice to Claude is "rent - don't buy!" With Boston's history of not being patient with head coaches for long and having lofty expectations because they are an Original 6 franchise, Claude should keep looking over his shoulder.

Boston is a building franchise poised to make waves with Kessel in a youth movement that mimics the Penguins blueprint for recent success.

[Via: Rogers SportsNet]
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