Tuesday, August 14, 2007

If They Knew Hockey...

[Authors Note: Today I am going to commit to a new blog series that examines a key ingredient about hockey's promotion as a sport. There are no true hockey personalities in the States on TV. I will explore the concept of WHAT IF other key broadcasting public figures "guest writing and commenting" as IF they knew the game of hockey. This time we explore what resident of Tampa, FL and controversial basketball personality, Dickie V might say.]

It's awesome, baby! Check it out! There is new ownership in Tampa Bay. This is totally awesome. The people are coming in masses to see this great championship team. St. Pete Times Forum is a great place to see a hockey game! Who knew hockey would work in Florida and Carolina? The building is electric, baby!

So, we got new owners in Tampa, baby! MacLean is familiar with this kind of team. He coached and managed the Blue Jackets. They are modeled and built from the same map as Tampa is. Just look at all the Diaper Dandies they got on this team. Collecting all these top draft picks and having them all in their prime is going to be huge! All they need now is a big cagey vet goaltender and it's a go time!

And how about that Coach T, baby! He has got things going on! Free wheelin' and dealin, because he tells his kids that "safe is death!" You gotta love a coach that gets them motivated to go all out. It's like they have captured lightning in a bottle over there, baby!

You got to love them to win the Southeast this year. Hell! I love all my homer teams to win it all! Nobody is afraid of the Thrashers anymore, the Hurricanes are downgraded to a tropical storm, and the Panthers... well.. there is no more roar in that kitty anymore with all their inexperienced kids.

It's Hockey Bay, BABY!!!! Gotta love it!
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