Thursday, August 09, 2007

Myers Doing Hockey Movie in 2008

Perhaps things are starting to turn the corner for hockey's popularity with the mainstream media. Okay, so maybe that is too much to hope for, but tonight I saw scrolling at the bottom of G4 TV some good Hollywood news. Mike Myers will be introducing a new character in a movie slated for a Spring 2008 release called "The Love Guru". In it, Myers is an American who was stranded in India who then grows up fully acclimated to that culture. He then returns to America with the name, Pitka, and is employed to become a "relationship coach/doctor".

Signed on to do the films is multi-faceted actress Jessica Alba who will portray a hockey team owner who employs Myers' Pitka to fix the star hockey captain who learns his wife has been cheating on him with a rival player. Just like actors who go on medical dramas with no medical experience, I wonder if Jessica knows what a "wrist shot" or "body check" are.

Also expected to be in the picture is Myers' lil' buddy Verne Troyer who will be the hockey team's coach. Romany Malco is also going to be in the film as the beleaguered hockey player.

I don't know if this film will be any good. One would have to be a Myers fan that understands his brand of humor. Also, it may or may not have a lot of hockey in it, just like the masochistic tease "Little Black Book" that made some sports fans sit through daring themselves not to jam butter knives into their eyes. The saving grace of this "Guru" project will be that Myers is a devoted hockey fan and knows the game well enough not to betray the fans.

[Via: Cinema Blend]
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