Monday, October 22, 2007

Breaking News: Crosby Interview Preview

The Versus network has been working hard on making their partnership with the NHL a success. So far, they have been able to bring a lot of the personalities to the forefront. I believe this game needs the players to be household names. They deserve to be known like other sports heroes have.

Tomorrow, Versus will be airing a sit down conversation with Sidney Crosby then show the Penguins and Rangers live immediately following the game. Because I am an influential member of the new media, I have been given the charge to present a minute preview of the Versus interview with Sidney Crosby. Please click on the screen and enjoy!
I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the interview. I hope that this generates some more interest into the human side to Crosby. I know in certain segments he gets a bad wrap, but let Crosby get a chance to have his say and prove worthy. I plan on watching and learning from the comfort of my favorite local Pub.

If you still do not have the Versus network on your cable or satellite provider, please continue to contact them and demand this great channel. If you can't get it by tomorrow, then get out to a bar or restaurant that may have it. They cover a lot of other rugged action sports as well as hockey so, Versus is quickly becoming a great alternative to the megalomaniac four letter network. Click here to find Versus in your area.

As always, leave your comments at the bottom. I am sure the Vs. network would love to hear from you.
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