Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hockey Halloween

Well, it's that time of year again. And do you know what bothers me sometimes? When people go to parties and dress up like a hockey goon/stereotypical player. Does this offend real players? On one hand, I think it is really cheesy and uncreative of somebody to dress up like that. Isn't it a little lazy to just throw on an old sweater jersey, paint one eye all black and blue, and also blacken some teeth out. Nay, I would go even farther to say it is cliche.

Michael Wilbon, Washington Post columnist and personality of the 4-letter network, dressed up today as Vancouver Canuck Trevor Linden on his late afternoon TV debate show. You wouldn't have guessed who he was if he didn't say it. I don't know how it got past the 4-letter's anti-hockey filter.

On the other hand, this excludes the Hanson Brothers costume which is always welcome at the Halloween party. Any character from Slapshot is classic, but I draw the line at Steven Baldwin.

Yea, I guess I am guilty of this too. I am going to have to look through the family archives and find a photo of me as a hockey player one year when I was very young. Now, I make sure to avoid dressing up like a black and blue goon and for next year, I am going to put anybody in the penalty box who does.

What do you, my good readers, think?
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