Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Battle of Pennsylvania Continues

When I created the Battle of Pennsylvania @ Blogspot way back in 2005 as a response to the Battle of Ontario and Battle of Alberta blogs, I made it a mission to promote the Pens and Flyers rivalry to the rest of the hockey fandom world. It has been a daunting task, but certainly something that this blogger is up for. But I think that the key to appreciating this is actually having lived in Pennsylvania in either of the two cities Pittsburgh or Philadelphia or at the Battle of PA Maginot Line of State College.
"Neither team liked each other (then)," said Jones, "and it’s expected to be the same (now)."
The two teams, Flyers and Penguins, hate each other. You can confirm it by reading the trash-talking quotes in the newspapers and blogs. But in this entry, I will sum up the latest episodes in the feud.

This current incarnation's level is also raised because most of the Flyers and Penguins have already fought it out in the AHL minors and that memories continue to spill over into the NHL. Hockey fans in Pennsylvania are treated to a double dose of playoff hockey rivalries as the AHL Penguins and Phantoms are fighting through another round continuing their natural regional rivalry. The AHL Penguins are leading the 7 game series so far (2-1) and

Both teams coaches, Therrien and Stevens know each other from opposing each other in the AHL as well. Therrien often gets quoted on TV or in the papers acknowledging the increased intensity. Recently, he criticized Coach Stevens for running up the score in a game earlier this season.

My advice to those who don't live in the Keystone state, just enjoy the hockey. You are in for some really passionate games. Go read some of the other articles that are written about the two teams capsulizing their rivalry since their 1967 NHL inclusion. Yahoo! Sports NHL.com "Pennsylvania is hockey heaven"
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