Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crosby Sits Out Second Straight All Star Game

Despite being one of the most popular hockey players in the world and the massive support of hockey fans in North America, Sidney Crosby has again bowed out of playing in the All Star game for the second straight time.

Crosby, who had only one appearance in 2007 in Dallas, did not fair well by barely registering on the box score. Last season, Crosby could not participate because of the ankle injury, but fans held to their hopes that the young star would be featured in many more all star games in the future.

Crosby tried to tough it out playing in the New York Rangers and Carolina Hurricanes games. But it was evident that he was in real pain when local TV broadcasts caught Crosby's grimaced face.
Crosby's status for the Penguins' first game after the break, Wednesday against the New York Rangers at Mellon Arena, won't be determined until after the team resumes practicing Monday.
Could it have been some kind of jinx or voodoo that sent Crosby's misfortunes to take a turn for the worse? Fans in Montreal who were hoping for an all-Montreal starting roster were spoiled by a surge in voting to break up the 100-year-old Montreal club fans.

It could have been real special to see what Crosby would do on the Bell Centre ice. He has made magic happen before and the looming fact that his dad, Troy, was once a part of the Canadians.
Although Crosby won't play in the all-star game, his representatives, along with officials of the team and league, are trying to figure out a way to have him involved in the weekend's festivities.

"We're trying to work that out," general manager Ray Shero said. "He'd certainly like to be part of it."
I haven't seen any Crosby All-Star jerseys around the arena, city, or hockey equipment shops. I guess the NHL shop will discontinue the Crosby all star jersey as well.

[Via: Via: Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
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