Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Graves' Past History Shows His Character Flaws

Tonight is a big night at Madison Square Garden. Tonight, a good guy gets rewarded. Tonight, the cynics will let their guard down (and put down their pens) and actually stand and applaud not only a good hockey player, but a great man.
But before you get completely swept away by the romanticism of honoring a hockey player by immortalizing a number, consider all the facts before rendering an opinion about the recent Rangers honoree.
Yes, Adam Graves was the same thug who viciously attacked the greatest player in the game during the 1992 Stanley Cup playoffs. If Graves did something like this today, he would most certainly be ostracized and labeled a Bertuzzi-like thug.

The media would like to gloss over this incident, but you can't hide the humongous character flaw from a generation of Penguins fans.

[From: NHL.com]
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