Friday, June 26, 2009

Tavares and No Man is an Island-er

When it became apparent that the consensus number 1 overall pick, John Tavares was going to be a New York Islander, the overall mood of the fans this day were lowered. There was no last minute trade offer from the Maple Leafs to move up. I was disappointed for my Leaf Nation fans and friends.

The coverage of Versus was almost nothing because they just decided to simulcast the TSN broadcast. I thought the coverage was very good and I think they just may be avant garde for the rest of the professional leagues to take notice. I really liked the spot segments where Brian Burke was wearing a microphone and picked up conversations with other GMs. Fans watching at home got to see what a bad ass personality he projects while he is working. Will the 4-letter network follow up with this idea and put microphones on coaches in the NFL and NBA next year?

The NHL draft stage was nice set. They had lots of room for each NHL team Entourage that walk up along together. Compared to the other league's entry drafts, the NHL does it right with nothing too extravagant or minimalist. Since the draft was in Montreal

My Penguins picked last, being the Stanley Cup champs, and that got more tense than watching some of the other familiar junior hockey names getting drafted. "Just what does Ray Shero do here?", I thought. He didn't make my dreams come true by drafting me, but chose a kid defenseman from St. Johns Sea Dogs, Simon Despr├ęs. He's not a goal scorer, but he can work on it one more year in the Q.
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