Saturday, May 29, 2010

2010 Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions: Round 4

I seriously hope that none of the COHF readers have taken my predictions to Vegas. I guess I am over the heartbreak of the previous hometown team, but it leaves me with a Stanley Cup final that has to be weighted carefully considering my bias for these two teams remaining. Once again, the NHL is in June and it doesn't look a thing like any kind of hockey weather out there.

Stanley Cup Finals

Philadelphia v. Chicago

The Flyers and their fans should feel fortunate that they even get to be here. Knowing that all of this has resulted in a "coin-toss" scenario where they barely made the playoffs. If you look at the Flyers, they were built for the sole purpose of surviving with muscle in the playoffs instead of the open-ice scoring. Look for Mike Richards and Jeff Carter to get down low and challenge Chicago with their low-angled shots. On the other hand, Chicago has a stifling defense with Sopel, Boyton, and Campbell blocking shots. Chicago's speed on offense should be a part of a great match-up of speed. The young guns of Toews and "20 Cent" Kane have achieved their projected potential this soon and look to make the BlackHawks an elite team for years to come.

In the end, I have weighed my biases and have arrived at the conclusion that I am more emotionally settled to have Hossa finally raise the Cup than I would have any Flyer enscribe their names on the Cup.

Prediction: BlackHawks in 6
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