Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pittsburgh to Host Winter Classic 2011

It was leaked today that the Pittsburgh Penguins are going to be the host of the NHL Winter Classic on January 1, 2011. It looks as if Canada will have to wait yet another year to host this game.

But for now, the Pittsburgh Penguins' neighbors at Heinz Field will host the game and surely put one tremendous Black and Gold Flavor to the Winter Classic. I didn't expect this event to come to Pittsburgh this soon because the Penguins have already been in a Winter Classic. But when the ultimate scenario fell into place, both NBC and the NHL salivated over, there was no other way but to go with the biggest event in hockey since an Olympic gold medal game.

Crosby was instrumental in creating the outdoor game series a rousing success when he slipped the puck in front of an energized Buffalo crowd. Now, they have added a new angle to examine. Enter the "hero-villain" storyline with the Winter Classic. It justs gets even better. The Crosby vs Ovechkin story will again be described as a key match-up in the historical rivalry.

Having the Winter Classic returned to the natural oval venue like a football stadium is what is going to make this a great bigger deal for me. Every fan that will be packed into the Heinz Field Stadium will have an awesome perspective.

I don't know what kind of coverage I can be able to give you from here knowing that this 2011 Winter Classic will be played in my own back yard. I will for sure do my very best to stay on top of this breaking story development and blog about it with my own unique style.
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