Sunday, June 22, 2008

Love Guru a Hit and Miss

Mike Myers, of Austin Powers fame, has delivered yet another character in Pitka, a master guru of love connections. However, Myers character cannot know carnal love himself until he learns to love himself at the behest of his own teacher. I first broke the news way back in August 2007.

Myers is up to his old tricks by interspersing penis jokes into his films and this time, with random hockey action. I was hoping that this movie was going to reboot interest in hockey in Hollywood, but thanks to Mike Myers' sophomoric humor, I don't think it is going to do all that well. Dare I say - "bomb".

There are only a few things that I did like in The Love Guru film. The first being the Leafs in the Stanley Cup finals. Sports movies are all about the impossible coming to realization, if only for a thrill. The Leafs are far from the cup, but at least Leafs fans get a small taste of what it would have looked like.

Attired in my Maple Leafs jersey, I paid to go see this film opening weekend because I was eager to see just how well hockey and the Toronto Maple Leafs were going to be treated. Myers is a Leafs fan, so no doubt it would be a positive role.

Guru Pitka is hired by the Maple Leafs to get the fictitious star captain Darren Roanoke (Romany Malco) back with his estranged wife so that his on-ice play could resume to superstar status and win the Stanley Cup. The main nemesis in the film is Jacques "Le Cock" Grande a well-endowed goalie for the LA Kings (who just so happens to be playing in the Cup Finals. Rob Blake is the only real NHL star to make an appearance despite all the AHL Marlies stand-ins hired to make the film.

Jessica Alba, portraying the Leafs team President, gives an underrated performance as she is riddled by esteem issues since the Leafs have looked like a disaster on the ice. By the end of the film, Alba stands up to the rowdy Leafs fans in classic fashion.

Lastly, there is some really great positive self help tips sprinkled through the beginning of this movie that actually makes sense. I am seriously considering some of the wisdom offered by Pitka to his group.
"There is no failure, only early attempts at success" - Guru Pitka
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Mariska Hargitay!

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